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The adhesive industry is continuously seeking new materials for innovation to improve application performance as well as production processes. In hot melt formulations the polymer backbone is becoming a more important component, as the weight ratio with the tackifier is growing in favor of the polymer for economical reasons. The polymer Polybutene-1 based on the metallocene catalyst technology is an innovative polyolefin based on the polymerization of butene-1. Metallocene Polybutene-1 (mPB-1) has an excellent cohesive strength and is available in a broad range of viscosity. The polymer is produced in the Moerdijk plant in the Netherlands that is now ISCC plus certified. The certification implies the possibility of sustainable products in future based on renewable sources following a mass-balance approach. mPB-1 grades are available in a broad range of crystallinity offering good cohesion-adhesion balance and show low organic emission levels. The compatibility of this polymer with various types of tackifier resins is discussed. The main advantages of mPB-1 can be realized in terms of excellent initial tack, longer open times and high Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT).


Co-author(s): Roberta Marchini, Jos Tuns

FEICA Conference