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David Clijsters is a seasoned Solution Architect and Senior AI specialist with a rich background in business management within the process industry. With over 15 years of experience, David has transitioned from business management to the field of artificial intelligence, driven by his passion for transforming businesses through actionable data insights. His expertise spans several AI techniques and tools, making him a compelling data storyteller with a proven track record recognized by business, operations, IT departments, and executive levels.

At Cegeka, David has been instrumental in helping customers establish cloud data architectures, enabling data and AI use cases across various sectors. His work in AI projects, such as detecting contamination in product streams and predicting production breakdowns, showcases his ability to create value for manufacturing customers effectively.

His educational background, with a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, complements his practical experience, making him a valuable asset in the field of data science and AI.

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