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2022 Vervaart Eric abs

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Climate change is a global crisis. How we tackle climate change in this decade will determine the remaining leeway for the upcoming ones. It is everyone’s business to take action now. The petrochemical industry could account for roughly half of global oil demand growth until […]

2022 Vervaart Eric bio

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Eric is passionate about creating sustainable business opportunities. With his team he builds strong partnerships and aligns value chains to bring sustainable solutions to the Chemicals and Polymers market. Before joining Neste in 2021, Eric has worked almost 17 years for SABIC in different Supply […]

2022 Koehler Sofia bio

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Postgraduate in Marketing with a Degree in Communication Sciences, Sofia Koehler is the Vice-President of Colquimica’s Group. With over 20 years of experience, during her professional career she was able to develop her expertise in the international market development and strategic marketing, leadership and human […]

2022 De Baetzelier Anne bio

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Anne De Baetzelier is one of the leading event hosts in Europe. A former Miss Belgium, Anne started her career with the Flemish commercial TV network VTM in 1989. Anne has become a much sought-after host with renowned companies all over Europe. She is famous […]

2022 Funk Torsten abs2

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Nothing beats a live demo to demonstrate how things works. Torsten will guide you through a training module for professionals using adhesives and sealants. In this demo you will learn the ins and outs of the web-based training for adhesives and sealants. The demo is […]

2022 Van Elten Frank abs

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Frank Van Elten coordinates the PU Training Platform for Isopa/Alipa and the PU Alliance, of which FEICA is a member. He will explain the concept of the training platform and show via a live demo how the different training materials of the various partners are […]

2022 Funk Torsten abs1

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The REACH Restriction on Diisocyanates impacts the entire PU industry and users of PU applications. In his presentation, Torsten will explain the cooperation within the so-called PU Exchange Panel and the PU Alliance, and its different actors. Also, how National Authorities are handling the REACH […]

2022 Diaz Paula abs

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Paula will kick off the Master Class with a short introduction of the REACH Restriction on Diisocyanates. She will guide you through the main elements of the regulation.  What is the scope and aim of this regulation? What is the timing, the effects? Who is concerned? […]

2022 Haye Vera bio

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Vera Haye is Managing Director at IVK – the German Adhesives Association. Vera holds a doctoral degree in microbiology and has been working for industry associations in the field of biobased products and adhesives for more than 10 years. She is substantially involved in developing […]

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