2019 Andresen Elke bio

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Dr Andresen obtained a Doctorate in chemistry from the University of Hamburg, Germany. She joined Mydrin, which was subsequently acquired by Bostik, as a development chemist in 1997. Since 2010, Dr Andresen has worked in the field of food contact regulation in Bostik’s Regulatory Affairs team, representing Bostik at several industry associations in Europe. She joined FEICA’s Paper and Packaging Technical Working Group in 2010 and, since 2017, has represented FEICA on the Packaging Ink Joint Industry Task Force (PIJITF).

2019 Funk Torsten bio

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Torsten Funk is a chemist by education who has held various positions within the Sika group in Germany, India and Switzerland covering quality control and management, and production processes and equipment for adhesives, sealants and coatings for industry and construction. Since 2012, he has been responsible for post-registration regulatory topics under REACH, namely supply chain communication, authorisation and restriction, as well as upcoming regulatory activities and trends for chemicals or groups of chemicals. In this field, he is active in various groups within FEICA and other industry associations.

2019 Thys Luc bio

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Not available yet.

2019 Rogachevsky Vitaly bio

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Vitaly Rogachevsky has been a Vice President, C5 Monomers and Polymers, at Argus Media, Inc., for four years. Mr Rogachevsky is responsible for publishing a monthly newsletter covering the global market for C5 monomers and polymers as well as providing consulting services in this area. Prior to Joining Argus, Mr Rogachevsky accumulated 27 years of experience formulating and compounding adhesives and sourcing hot melt raw materials for H.B. Fuller. Mr Rogachevsky is uniquely qualified to discuss the intricacies of hot melt raw material markets and their upstream feedstocks and downstream applications.

2019 Bruce Philip bio

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Philip Bruce has been the Secretary General of FEICA (the Association of the European adhesive and sealant industry) since 2016 and is a Director of PJB Chemical Consulting Ltd. Philip, as a Chemist, enjoys the many challenges FEICA faces as a result of the industry’s diverse range of material technologies and market uses, combined with ever-increasing legislative pressure.

Prior to joining FEICA, Philip had a broad career in the chemical, construction and consulting sectors. Philip worked for 23 years for ICI in the polyester, olefins and polymers businesses.

After nearly five years in Accenture in the supply chain group, in 2005 he became CEO of Scott Bader in the United Kingdom, where he led the company producing speciality chemicals, resins and adhesives.

At FEICA, Philip’s ambition is to ensure that the Association delivers the highest possible value for its members and the industry as a whole.

2019 Soutzoukis Dimitrios bio

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Dimitrios (Dimitris) Soutzoukis is a Regulatory Affairs Manager at FEICA, focusing on OCF, the PU Restriction, CLP regulation, Poison Centres and sustainable development. He previously worked at PepsiCo as an Environmental Sustainability Analyst, and Metal Packaging Europe, where he was the Technical & Sustainability Officer. He graduated from the University of Ioannina (Greece) with a degree in Environmental Engineering and from Bristol University (UK) with an M.Sc. in Environmental Policy and Management.

2019 Jędrzejczyk Maciej bio

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Maciej focuses on blockchain solutions and services, delivery practice and technical excellence in the CEE region. He has been working with key IBM Clients in a variety of industry use cases to identify synergies within existing business networks to develop and deliver practical solutions. Maciej’s main focus has been on the analysis and re-engineering of business processes in supply chain and manufacturing. He represented IBM in matters related to blockchain in the Polish Parliament, Ministry of Digital Affairs (Blockchain and Digital Currencies Working Party), the Financial Supervisory Commission of Poland and the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

2019 Brogly Maurice bio

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Maurice Brogly is a Full Professor at the University of Haute Alsace in Mulhouse (France). He heads the Chemistry and Physical Chemistry Polymers (CPCP) Research group in the Laboratory of Photochemistry and Macromolecular Engineering (LPIM). He has 25 years of expertise in the field of adhesion, nanoadhesion, polymer coatings and thin films, polymer surfaces and interfaces. He has published over 75 research papers, given 50 conferences presentations and produced more than 200 communications related to adhesion science. An important part of his research activity is undertaken in the framework of industrial partnership. He received the Adhesion Society Rolf Schubert Distinguished Award in 2001 and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of “The Journal of Adhesion”. He is also president of the Scientific Council of the CTTM, one of the most important Centres for Technology Transfer in France.

2019 Edsjö Karl bio

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Karl Edsjö is the Director of Resource efficiency policy and recycling at Electrolux Group. He began his career at Electrolux after graduating from Stockholm University with a Master’s degree in population ecology in 1995 and working as a teacher from 1996 to 1999. In 2000 Karl completed another Master’s degree, this time in environmental management and began working for Electrolux in several different roles relating to environment and sustainability. Karl has worked within communication and reporting, environmental management and public affairs and has covered topics relating to product performance, end-of-life management and resource efficiency. Currently he is focussing on circular economy topics such as sustainable materials and new business models.

2019 Minney Safia bio

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Over the course of her career, Safia Minney, MBE, has been a pioneer in ethical business, establishing Fair Trade supply chain solutions, and defining PR and marketing campaigns and the strategic directions needed to reach new markets. At the heart of everything she has done has been a creative force and passion to deliver social impact and sustainability.

Safia is an award-winning social entrepreneur and internationally recognised for the company she founded, People Tree, the pioneer of sustainable fashion. She led the business as Global CEO for 20+ years in Japan and the UK. Safia is recognised by the World Economic Forum as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur and is a leading influencer in Sustainability, Anti-Modern Slavery and Fair Trade. Safia set up her consulting business to promote leadership for sustainable business and responsible supply chains.

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