EU Competition LAW and Antitrust Law

FEICA complies with the EU Competition and Antitrust Law. When drafting a document or a presentation for a FEICA event, please make sure that the content complies with the EU Competition Law and to Antitrust Law.


Competitition EU Law Compliance

FEICA assumes no responsibility for the comments or opinions expressed by the authors of the presentations and the speakers, nor for the content and reprinting of any material used or distributed during a meeting.

  • Don’t disclose prices your company will charge customers.
  • Don’t  discluse discounts, terms of condition of sales, warranty terms, profits or profit margins, market shares, bids or the intend to bid, rejection or termination of customers, market sales territories.
  • Don’t make any proposal or engage in any activity, in absence of specific legal guidance that may have effect of producing an adverse economic impact on any competing companies.
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