King Honor

King Honor is a professional supplier and manufacturer of waxes, located in Dalian, China. We have been in paraffin wax business since the year 2008. Over the past few years, we have had a lot of milestones and our business model has changed a few times to become who we are today.King Honor has two Brand:Bohai TM and Qualiprow TM.

King Honor's first vision is to become the global first-class professional supplier of high-quality waxes and Integrate the global resources to meet the needs of the international markets. Our experience in paraffin wax pushes us to create the best possible industrial waxes ever. However, we excel at not only making Fischer-Tropsch wax and High melting point paraffin waxes but also in achieving satisfaction and providing customer-centered services for every client.

King Honor is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Relying on geographical and resource advantages, our annual export reached 30,000MT. From 2010, we make the development on high melting point paraffin wax. Our products are confirmed by the world multinational companies for PVC and Hot melt Adhesives. In year of 2013, King Honor made the investment on Fischer-Tropsch Wax. To meet the international markets, we passed FDA ,BPI and RAL-CERTIFIED WAX for a series of our waxes.

Thanks to our amazing customers and our dedication to providing high quality products, we have developed our partner in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, South Asia, South America, USA over more than 20 countries and regions.

Credibility is the foundation of the company. We have always told our employees not to live up to clients' trust. That's priceless. Be sure to complete task 100%, never make excuses. It's not a single person in service, but a professional team. Nothing is impossible.

Let wax users using our waxes, providing the best services to customers with our quality and profession, those are our missions.



KING HONOR INTERNATIONAL LTD., FL 25,TIANAN International Tower,Dalian 116001 China

+86 411 81822086

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