Ms Anne Dussaud

Principal Scientist

Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


Dr. Dussaud earned her Ph.D. from AgroParisTech. After her thesis, Dr. Dussaud was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University and received the Francois Naftali Award from the American Physical Society. She has 25 years of industrial research experience in a broad range of areas, including interfacial properties, and polymers. She is a principal scientist at Momentive in the Adhesives and Sealants Division. She has authored more than 15 refereed publications and is an inventor on 20 patents.

Presentation Abstract

Advances in Silane Moisture Scavengers for Hybrid Adhesives

The moisture curable silane terminated polymers (hybrid resins) present an attractive regulatory profile because of their low toxicity, but they also present formulators with remarkable flexibility to fit specific industry adhesive properties. However, there is a continuing need for improving the safety profile of the additives required for performance and stability of their formulations. In particular, it has been challenging to replace the moisture scavenger vinyl trimethoxysilane, which has an essential function for shelf life stability of the moisture cure adhesives.

This presentation will present recent developments on moisture scavengers silane technology and their implications on the design and properties of moisture cure adhesives and sealants.


Co-author(s): Hao Shen, Alenka Dimec, Bruce Barbera

Presentation Time

Breakout III - Performance and Sustainability of Adhesives through Additives

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 14:00 - 14:30

FEICA Conference