Mr Javier Gómez

R&D Engineer & PhD candidate



Javier is a chemical engineer with two master´s degrees in Bioengineering and in Industrial Business Management which provided him a comprehensive understanding of the industry. During his master’s thesis, he worked as a researcher under the direction of S. Borrós and C. Fornaguera (GEMAT) in the development of a new hydrogel patch as sealant for the treatment of retinal detachment. Currently, he is working in Gloo’s R&D as a responsible for the light-curing product development. In addition, he is pursuing an Industrial PhD, which reflects his passion for advancing knowledge towards a more sustainable industry.

Presentation Abstract

UV-LED Frontal Polymerization in epoxy-based systems: Challenges and Achievements

The development of new products and processes to reduce energy consumption is key to achieve a sustainable industry while adhesive and sealant industry becomes more demanding in applicability and performance. High performance and reliable systems to satisfy increasing demand calls for bonding-on-demand solutions.

Novel UV-LED photopolymerization is a high sustainable option for the adhesive and sealant industry to satisfy the bonding-on-demand requirements because it can help to reduce time and energy while maintaining the desired mechanical properties.

In this work, UV-LED photopolymerization has been developed in epoxy-based systems, both free radical and cationic, with the aim to obtain different technologies ready-to-market. However, current solutions still face difficulties without clear answer: long irradiation time, geometry constraints or high price are in the way for these chemistries to gain its place. In this context, the UV-LED frontal polymerization -a less time and energy consuming strategy, can overcome these challenges.


Co-author(s): Pol Ulier, Jordi Arbusà, Francisco Ripoll, Núria Agulló, Salvador Borrós

Presentation Time

Breakout IX - Epoxy Adhesives for Structural Bonding Challenges

Friday, 15 September 2023, 09:30 - 10:00

FEICA Conference