Christophe Hein

Sustainable Development Manager

Totalenergies Fluids


After a PhD in Chemistry in the French aerospace agency (ONERA), Christophe Hein joined TotalEnergies company 15 years ago as a lab manager in TRTG research center for 4 years, then joined the refinery supply division as an optimizer manager. In 2015, he took a position in Strategy to develop biofuels production and the supply in renewable feedstock for the conversion of TotalEnergies La Mède refinery into a Biorefinery. Two years ago, Christophe joined the Fluids division as a technical manager and in charge of developing responsible offers.

Presentation Abstract

Choosing your way to sustainability

The Special Fluids division of TotalEnergies is a leader in the design, production and sale of high purity, biodegradable hydrocarbon solvents. For more than 30 years, TotalEnergies fluids provides a full range of highly dearomatized fluids like SOLANE range for adhesives or HYDROSEAL range for silicone sealants.

To fit with TotalEnergies commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the Fluids division had developed 100% biosourced solvents and plasticizers for sealants (silicon and SMP) and adhesives and neutral carbon solutions for its customers.

The presentation will be about the design of biosourced products and solutions by going through raw material R&D, life cycle assessments (LCA) and certifications that supports traceability and sustainability. By this approach, the purpose is to help the audience to understand their need between biosourced, sustainability and carbon footprint reduction solutions in order to choose the best solution for their or their own customer’s SDGs (sustainability development goals).

Presentation Time

Breakout XI: Sustainability with silicone sealants

Friday, 16 September 2022, 12:00 - 12:30

FEICA Conference