Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ralf M. Heinzmann

Global Technical Manager, Sealing & Bonding

Sika Services AG


Mr Ralf Heinzmann studied Polymer Chemistry and works as a Global Technical Manager in the Sealing & Bonding division of Sika AG in Germany. He is also an active member of various technical committees; he is the Chairman of the German DIN standardisation committee Joint Sealants, Convener of Working Group 4 of CEN TC 349 Sealants for Joints in Building Construction, Head of the German Delegation to ISO TC 59 SC 8, and Chairman of Working Group 7 Sealants within the German Chemical Manufacturers Association VCI. Ralf’s presentation will be on fast curing joint sealants for floor joints, pavements, roads and connection joints to tram tracks.

Presentation Abstract

Fast curing joint sealants for floor joints, pavements, roads and connection joints to tram tracks

For joints in trafficked areas like in roads, parking areas and airports, especially in cases of renovation work, the ability to get back to full traffic access within a few hours is a key requirement. Therefore, fast curing systems are very important nowadays with the increasing traffic in cities and airports, where there is often only a slot of a couple of hours, for example during night, when the airport is closed. For such applications, either 2-component products can be used or 1-component products with a so-called booster, which is a kind of accelerator. This system combines the advantages of both one- and two-component joint sealing systems with the benefit of having a long pot life together with very fast curing to provide a system which is not sensitive to any mixing failures because it will also cure like a 1-component sealant. This so-called booster technology is already frequently used in industrial application but is quite new in the construction industry. This booster technology can be used basically for polyurethane, silicones and silane terminated polymers which are usually used as one-part moisture curing products.

Presentation Time

Breakout VI: Innovation in construction adhesives and sealants

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 16:00 - 16:30

FEICA Conference