Dr Kitae Kang

Global R&D researcher

Samyang Corporation


Dr. Kitae Kang is the global R&D researcher on industrial biotechnology research and specialty compounds synthesis and polymer synthesis. He has extensive knowledge in the formulation of polyurethane adhesives, specifically thermoset adhesives, for a wide variety of markets such as motor core adhesive for electric vehicle and structural adhesive among other. He holds a Ph.D in organic synthesis chemistry from SungKyunKwan University, South Korea.

Presentation Abstract

Development of Adhesive for Laminated Electrical Steels Having Excellent Adhesion and Oil Resistance and Its Application for Dot-bonded Motor Core for Electric Vehicle

Herein we prepared an adhesive for laminated electrical steels that has excellent adhesion and oil resistance for dot-bonded motor core for electric vehicles. Its outstanding adhesion and oil resistance originate from isosorbide core structure having good hydrophilicity and a rigid chemical structure. The adhesion property was evaluated by measuring the lap shear strength of the laminated electrical steel and peel strength of the dot-bonded motor core and compared it to an adhesive to which petroleum-based alicyclic polyol was applied. Isosorbide derivative was incorporated in acrylate modified polyurethane as a polyol for compatibility with other adhesive components and to enact a fast-curing process.


Co-author(s): Kahyun Lim, Junseop Im

Presentation Time

Breakout V - Novel PU Adhesives for Industrial Applications

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 16:00 - 16:30

FEICA Conference