Dr Igor Korczagin

R&D Director

PCC Rokita


Igor Korczagin has graduated from Chemical Faculty at Technical University of Gdansk (Poland). He has obtained his Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from Twente University in Enschede (The Netherlands). He has held various R&D positions at Imperial Chemical Industries, Akzo Nobel and Selena specialising in formulation science of construction chemicals (paints, sealants, adhesives etc.). He is currently holding a position of R&D Director at PCC Rokita in Poland. PCC Rokita is a supplier of polyols, flame retardants and other chemicals to sealants and adhesives industry.

Presentation Abstract

MDI free one component foams: ready for take-off or still a niche product?

MDI-based polyurethane one component foams (OCF) represent by far the majority of currently produced moisture-curing foams dispensed from pressurised containers. At the same time new legislation and restrictions are placed on products containing MDI. This naturally leads to a question: are there MDI-free solutions available?

This presentation will discuss some of the alternatives to MDI-based OCF. A novel technology for one-component foams based on a silanized polyol will be presented. Its technical performance and environmental impact will be discussed and compared to the conventional OCF products.


Co-author(s): Tomasz Halamus, Igor Korczagin

Presentation Time

Breakout II - Advanced Sustainable PU Adhesives

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 15:00 - 15:30

FEICA Conference