Mr Otto Linher

Senior Expert, DG Internal Market, Industry, Enterprise and SMEs, REACH Unit

European Commission


Mr Otto Linher is a senior expert at the European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Enterprise and SMEs, REACH Unit. He deals with the implementation of the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and in particular the planned revision of the REACH Regulation. Previously he dealt with the implementation of the REACH regulation, in particular files related to authorisation, restrictions and the relations to the European Chemicals Agency, competitiveness aspects of the chemicals industry, classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals, waste legislation and a number of other environmental files.

Presentation Abstract

Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability – State of Play

Mr. Linher will give an overview on the state of play on the implementation of the actions announced in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. He will briefly address the revision of the CLP Regulation and give an update on the planned Commission proposal to revise the REACH Regulation. In particular, his presentation will focus on the planned changes on REACH information requirements for registrants and downstream users, polymer notification and registration, the Mixture Allocation Factor, the extension of the generic approach to risk management, the reform of REACH authorisation and restriction, the introduction of the essential use concept into REACH as well as changes to strengthen the enforcement of the REACH Regulation.

Presentation Time

Business Forum

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 08:40 - 09:30

FEICA Conference