Dr Qiang Luo

Sr technical marcketing manager

SI Group


Qiang Luo has a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Alabama and has 20+ years in pressure sensitive adhesives and rubbers polymer science and engineering. As Sr. Technical Marketing Manager Dr. Luo’s focus is the development and implementation of new platform technologies to advance SI Group’s adhesive and rubber businesses.

Presentation Abstract

A new family of versatile amines for epoxy and polyurethane industry

SI Group is focusing on innovation for a sustainable future. Our recent innovations have expanded the use of bio renewable materials in adhesives and rubber systems. We are also focused on innovations that improve the carbon footprint of the value chain by improving the epoxy and polyurethane adhesive platforms’ efficiency. SI Group’s new curative platform gives formulators a room temperature cure with high temperature curative properties, such as increased cohesion strength, hardness, thermal stability, and impact resistance. These improvements reduce the carbon footprint of the value chain by increasing the adhesives durability and application window. Our steric hindered secondary amines have adjusted reactivity with isocyanate group offering polyurethane/polyurea formulator longer operation window for the material to wet targeted substrates. The new platform offers polyurethane and polyurea enhanced fire retardancy and lighter weight which meets the needs of battery packaging/encapsulating for electricity vehicles.


Co-author(s): Ken Lauffer

Presentation Time

Breakout IX - Epoxy Adhesives for Structural Bonding Challenges

Friday, 15 September 2023, 10:00 - 10:30

FEICA Conference