Ms Barbara Menardi

Technical Service Manager



Barbara Menardi is a Technical Service Manager for Adhesives Solution business at Synthomer, focusing on technical customer support and innovation-driven technical product developments.

Before joining Synthomer in 2019, she has worked for 15 years for Bostik and Mydrin in different technical assistance, R&D and Quality positions on the Tissue and Rigid packaging adhesives.

She holds a diploma in Industrial Chemistry and has gained extensive experience in the field of industrial adhesives market.

Barbara lives in Italy with her family.

Presentation Abstract

Waterborne acrylic dispersions as chlorine-free contact adhesive for 2K foam bonding

Waterborne acrylics are widely used for PSA applications like tapes, labels and surface protection films. Whereas, contact adhesives for the foam and mattress industry are mainly based on chloroprene dispersions. Applied on substrates like foam or wood, chloroprene-based contact adhesive dispersions show convincing behavior like instant tack, high green strength and creep resistance.
Synthomer has developed an alternative, chloroprene-free solution based on waterborne acrylic technology as chlorine-free, more ecologically friendly option for the market.

In this presentation, we will showcase uniquely stabilized acrylic dispersions, which can be used for 2K spray applications, just like chloroprene-based dispersions are used today. Furthermore, the newly developed dispersions can be blended with chloroprene dispersions in any ratio as they are fully compatible. This allows the customer to formulate a product for their desired applications and needs.

Our in-house developed test methods show very good initial tack on PU-foam and bonding strength even under restoring forces. Benchmarking the adhesive properties of our acrylic dispersions against chloroprene dispersions, we see this technology as a promising step forward to substitute chloroprene dispersions.


Co-author(s): Katja Greiner

Presentation Time

Breakout XI - Novel water-based Adhesives

Friday, 15 September 2023, 11:00 - 11:30

FEICA Conference