Mr Ulrich Nanz

Global Product Manager Sulphur & Chemicals



Ulrich Nanz is Global Product Manager Sulphur & Chemicals at IPCO and has played a leading role in the company's success in supplying solidification and handling systems to many of the world's major chemical industries.

He joined IPCO in 1991 after graduating from the University of Stuttgart with a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After starting his career in the order handling and design department, he progressed to the sales department for international projects and then gained extensive field experience in his role as Global Product Manager with a strong focus on Asia.

Presentation Abstract

Comparison of different process solutions for granulation of hot melt

Like all hot melts, EVA is supplied in a solid form and usually - for applications where it is to be applied as part of a process - packed in sacks or bags ready for remelting on site. As well as being convenient for the end user, this is also highly desirable in terms of storage, distribution and handling as it ensures that the chemical mix remains exactly as intended. Hot melts mainly consist of paraffin wax and resin, blended to a specific recipe. Were this carefully calculated mix to be stored or transported in liquid form - in a heated tank truck for instance - the individual products would begin to separate out into different layers, making it unusable without thorough remixing.

In a solidified form, the chemical formulation of this complex product is maintained. The challenge faced by hot melt manufacturers is which of the two main solidification processes to use to achieve this state: Underwater pelletizing or steel belt granulation.

During the presentation both processes will be explained in detail and differences with respect to technology, operation and sustainability will be highlighted.

Presentation Time

Breakout XIII - Advances in Manufacturing of A&S

Friday, 15 September 2023, 11:00 - 11:30

FEICA Conference