Vitaly Rogachevsky

VP C5 Monomers and Polymers

Argus Media


Vitaly Rogachevsky has been a Vice President, C5 Monomers and Polymers, at Argus Media, Inc., for four years. Mr Rogachevsky is responsible for publishing a monthly newsletter covering the global market for C5 monomers and polymers as well as providing consulting services in this area. Prior to Joining Argus, Mr Rogachevsky accumulated 27 years of experience formulating and compounding adhesives and sourcing hot melt raw materials for H.B. Fuller. Mr Rogachevsky is uniquely qualified to discuss the intricacies of hot melt raw material markets and their upstream feedstocks and downstream applications.

Presentation Abstract

Present and future state of chemical raw material supply

Until recently the hotmelt adhesive world was battling raw material shortages. Most shortages related to availability of C5 monomers. Isoprene had often been critically short, affecting SIS block copolymers, and then piperylenes, DCPD and C9 ARO started to disappear from the market, affecting tackifying resins. But about five years ago everything changed. We will chart what happened and why, where the market is today and where it is heading tomorrow.

Presentation Time

Business Forum

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 9:30 - 10:15

FEICA Conference