Stefano Romagnano

R&D Manager



Stefano Romagnano holds a degree in chemistry and a master in organic chemistry from the University of Milan with focus on organic synthesis. He received his Master of Organic chemistry in 1995. He has worked in the chemical research and development for more about 30 years. He spent nearly 18 years with the Italian company Lamberti S.p.A, where he was responsible for the R&D of polymer additives such as photo initiators and polymer stabilizers. In 2017 he started working as R&D Manager for the Italian company Durante Adesivi and he is responsible for the development of new adhesives.

Presentation Abstract

Bio-based polyurethane hot melt: an opportunity for the furniture industry

This work focuses on the development of new bio-based polyurethane hot melt adhesives based on renewable raw materials (plant-based origin) from sustainable natural certified resources. After a first introduction concerning the definition of bio-based products, we will analyse the different approaches for the bio-based content evaluation (e.g. mass balance vs C14 analysis). We will describe the development of new bio-based polyurethane hot melt for profiles wrapping and edge banding comparing their chemical physical and applicative characteristics with standard fossil-based products. With reference to specific products, we will analyse the achievable reduction of carbon footprint we obtained substituting fossil-based raw material with bio-based ones. At the end, we will describe the added value of using bio-based PUR hot melt within the furniture industry and the current availability of sustainable products within this sector.


Co-authors: Stefano Romagnano, Marco Bernardini

Presentation Time

Breakout X: Expanding the limits with PU hotmelts

Friday, 16 September 2022, 11:30 - 12:00

FEICA Conference