Dr Raphael Schaller


Collano AG


Raphael began his career as a technician in synthetic materials at Sika AG and Johnson Electric. He pursued undergraduate studies in Materials Science at ETH Zurich and Queen Mary University London, earning his master's degree in 2012. In 2013, Raphael commenced his doctoral studies in polymer science at ETH Zurich. Following his Ph.D., he conducted postdoctoral research and in January 2017, Raphael joined nolax, where he established the start-up "Thin-ply". By October 2018, he took over the role of CTO at nolax. Since January 2024, Raphael has held the position of CTO at Collano AG.

Presentation Abstract

New Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Environmental and Brand Protection

Adhesives play a crucial role in protecting luxury goods against counterfeiting. Self-adhesive labels with optical security features can verify the authenticity of products, thereby significantly contributing to brand protection. We will present a specific case study from LEONHARD KURZ and their TRUSTSEAL technology. If a label is tampered with, the security feature is destroyed, creating a "VOID effect" as proof of initial opening. This feature helps consumers identify counterfeits in electronics, fashion, cosmetics, and many other goods.

Collano has developed new waterborne acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives with LEONHARD KURZ that fulfill the highest security standards. These adhesives are polymerized from sustainable monomers and offer enhanced security due to their excellent adhesion to paper and metalized substrates and the incorporated security features. During the development process, we replaced petrochemical-derived monomers with those based on food industry waste, such as bagasse from sugar production or castor oil.

Our belief in the potential of resource-efficient adhesives is unwavering, especially when combined with optimizing substrates and the entire supply chain from manufacturing to disposal. However, this transformation requires a collective effort. It is not just about us, the raw material manufacturers, or the end-users. It is about every stakeholder in the supply chain, and we must be willing to invest in and promote resource efficiency.


Co-author: Cornelia Javet

Presentation Time

Breakout XII - Novel Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Friday, 13 September 2024, 11:30 - 12:00

FEICA Conference