Mr Leonardo Siqueira

Editor, Pine Chemicals

Argus Media


Leonardo Siqueira is editor of pine chemicals at Argus Media, a leading provider of energy and commodity price benchmarks. He covers the global markets for pine oleoresin, gum rosin, gum turpentine, crude tall oil (CTO) and its derived bio-fractions. Leonardo has over ten years of expertise covering the commodities and financial markets. With a specialization degree in Science Journalism from the Campinas State University (Unicamp) in Brazil, and a master's degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Lisbon, Leonardo has worked for consulting and publishing companies in the US and the UK, including Reed Business Elsevier and USA Today.

Presentation Abstract

The changing feedstock panorama: the future of CTO and pine chemicals

Structural changes in raw material markets are tightening feedstock supply for many classes of chemicals, including pine chemicals. The supply of crude tall oil (CTO) and some of the derived bio-fractions has tightened over the last few years due to increased demand into biofuels, supply chain disruptions and competitive market dynamics. With the competing use of CTO for biofuels and higher prices due to reduced availability, buyers are considering formulating away from certain CTO based feedstocks. With increased price volatility, limited supply and softer downstream demand, the outlook is less certain for finished products like tall oil rosin (TOR). With inelastic CTO availability and its growing usage into biofuels, the CTO feedstock supply for the adhesives industry could be replaced by other alternatives, including more plentiful and cheaper priced petroleum-based tackifying resins and even additional gum rosin. The supply of CTO and CTO-based feedstocks for adhesives has been challenged by availability and pricing. This presentation will examine the current market dynamics, supply fundamentals and challenges for CTO and CTO-based feedstock markets, gum rosin and hydrocarbon resins and how these may affect the supply panorama for the adhesives industry.


Co-author(s): Steven Williams

Presentation Time

Breakout I - Business & Market Updates

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 15:00 - 15:30

Friday, 15 September 2023, 00:00 - 00:00

FEICA Conference