Mr Patrik Thoma


Fitech AG


Patrik Thoma is managing director and co-owner of Fitech AG. His background is 25 years of experience in engineering & plant construction. Increasing scale of production is his passion.

Presentation Abstract

Economy of scale with innovative mixing technology

Fitech AG specialises in mechanical- and plant engineering for viscous adhesives and sealants, e.g. the production of silicones, PU's, hybrids, plastisols, construction materials and thermal paste.

The company's mixing technology provides an innovative solution for reducing operating costs through energy and personnel savings. This is achieved by the unique geometry of the mixing tool, the control system, and the degree of freedom along the mixing axis.

In combination with plant engineering, Fitech AG's mixing technology can optimize production costs in all automation stages while ensuring high product quality. This holistic approach to process optimization and achieving economies of scale sets Fitech AG apart as a valuable partner for companies seeking to optimize their production processes.

Presentation Time

Breakout XIII - Advances in Manufacturing of A&S

Friday, 15 September 2023, 12:00 - 12:30

FEICA Conference