Dr Pieter van Helden

Project Leader: Applications Development Performance Solutions Wax R&D Laboratories



Pieter van Helden has a PhD in Quantum Chemistry and Catalysis and joined Sasol in 2009. He has been with Sasol for fourteen years in various roles ranging from fundamental research to application development. He is currently leading the Applications Development Team in the South African Performance Solutions R&D labs, where he fulfils the role of Technical Platform Lead for Adhesives. His team is responsible for the development of new Sasol products and applications of products in the fields of Adhesives, Inks and Polymer processing.

Presentation Abstract

New additive for Hygiene HMA enabling performance and sustainability

The performance of polyolefin-based construction HMA for personal hygiene applications needs to conform to a set of demanding criteria. These adhesives need to perform well at high line speeds with good adhesives performance, while ensuring that the adhesive has properties such as low odour, materials safety, low material usage and flexibility.

This presentation showcases a new wax-based additive for hygiene HMA, enabling odourless, mineral oil-free polyolefin-based HMAs. This additive gives all the benefits of a typical Fischer-Tropsch wax (high T-peel, fast set speed and low viscosity), while adding performance and sustainability improvements. These include significantly enhanced flexibility, lower application temperatures, significantly wider operating windows and the potential for faster line speeds. This ensures a more robust performance of sprayed HMAs formulated based using a large variety of polymers. These benefits can also be combined with further benefits of feedstocks that demonstrate significant sustainability benefits.

Presentation Time

Breakout III - Performance and Sustainability of Adhesives through Additives

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 15:00 - 15:30

FEICA Conference