Dr Alexandre Vermogen

Market Manager

Arkema France


Alexandre Vermogen has obtained a PhD in Material Science from Lyon, FRANCE.

He has worked as an R&D Engineer for close to 15 years in the field of polymers and polymer additives, developing solutions with improved mechanical properties and durability for automotive, building and construction, adhesives and composites applications. Since more than 2 years, he is now global market manager for Plastic Additives at Arkema.

Presentation Abstract

Improving the performance of structural adhesives while gaining a more resource-efficient process

Improving the toughening performance (i.e. impact, adhesion, crack propagation, flexibility) becomes more and more important in the design of next generation structural adhesives.

For decades, formulators have been using conventional core-shell powder modifiers for toughening benefits. However, the difficulty incorporating these conventional powders into liquid systems imposed high energy consumption and handling challenges during processing.

Arkema will introduce a new range of unique core-shell toughening options, combining unmatched ease of dispersion and ultimate performance. This new generation of toughening agents is available in easily dispersible powder form as Clearstrength® XT, and in predesigned ready-to-use AR (Advanced Resin) masterbatches.

Results will highlight the performance improvements in various (meth)acrylic and epoxy systems together with their reduced resource and energy consuming benefits.

Presentation Time

Breakout IX - Epoxy Adhesives for Structural Bonding Challenges

Friday, 15 September 2023, 09:00 - 09:30

FEICA Conference