User Guidelines

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Set up how others see you (your Profile)

Update the information about yourself that other visitors will see:

  • Using the Visitor Portal on a computer: click on your name in the top right corner of the page and select Edit Profile.
  • Using the Android or iOS app: when you are logged in, click the menu button in the top left corner of the screen and click the arrow next to your name. Select “Edit Profile” or “Edit Profile Photo”.

Fill in the information you want to be visible to other visitors. We recommend using the Visitor Portal for this.


Plan your visit

View the conference schedule, view sessions details, and add sessions or presentations you plan to attend to your schedule ( ). This will create your own personal Schedule (available to you in the My Items menu).

View exhibitors’ profiles and bookmark the exhibitors you plan to visit ( ).

Bookmark and/or add notes to attendees, exhibitors, sessions and speakers. These will be saved in the My Items menu. You may also easily send all your notes at any time to your e-mail.


Network with other attendees

Choose the Network icon ( ) to view the attendees who are available for networking.


Arrange meetings with other attendees in a secure way:

  • Find the person you want to arrange a meeting with in the network listing, view his or her profile and click the “Meeting” button ( ).
  • The app adds the meeting to your personal Schedules as tentative and sends your request to the selected attendee, who can confirm, decline or suggest another time.
  • If he or she confirms, you will receive a message and the app changes the status of the meeting in your personal Schedules.
  • The meetings can be easily rearranged at any time.


Use the messaging service to send messages to other attendees.

To send a message:

  • Tap on the Network icon.
  • Find the person you would like to message and tap on his/her name.
  • In his/her profile, tap the message icon ( ).
  • Write your message, then tap Send.

Checking Your Messages:

  • To check if you have any messages, look for My Messages in the side menu.
  • If you have a message, there will be a red circle with the number in it.
  • Tap My Messages to see who’s contacted you.


View other useful info

View the conference floor plan, contact information …



We hope you find the FEICA App useful and look forward to any feedback you may have about it.


The FEICA Team


The FEICA 2019 Conference App is sponsored by:    

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